List of HOWTOsΒΆ

This page contains the list of available howtos, divided into areas. The following howtos are available; while further below the list, some information about each of them is provided.


  1. Echarging Stations Howto. Since the APIs are very generic, directions contained in this howto can be applied to any dataset of the mobility domain.


  1. Getting Started Guide For Tourism Domain. This howto describes the various filters available in the Tourism domain
  2. Tourism API Howto. This howto provides information about accessing the data originating from the Tourism domain.
  3. Quick and (not-so) Dirty Tips for Tourism. This howto provides some simple use cases/API calls and various tricks&tips for the Tourism domain.


  1. How to use authentication. Developers and Code Contributors have a dedicated tutorial to help them bootstrapping the environment and start coding right away.
  2. How to setup your local Development Environment. This tutorial is still in development and not so useful at the moment!