Documentation for Developers

This section contained a lot of documentation that developers had to adhere to when collaborating with the Open Data Hub:

  • Coding conventions including programming languages and technologies used, development and deployment workflows, and more
  • Design of databases, their use, access to tables and data, and more
  • Relation between Open Data Hub’s core development team and external collaborators
  • Authentication

As the development team grew, most of these guideline changed, some technologies have been obsoleted and new ones were introduced. Additionally, the number of repositories managed for the Open Data Hub Project has increased considerably, and many of them have specific guidelines for developers.

Therefore, to simplify access to information relevant to developers, all the content that was featured in this section has been moved and rearranged. The repository contains a file organised as a set of Flight Rules that allows a new collaborator to be productive in a short time.

Then, depending on which part of the Open Data Hub Project you are going to collaborate, have a look at the files in the various repositories.