Changelog 2023


Released: 31 January 2023
  • [Changes] Replace Open Data Hub domains from to .com.

    References: #262

  • [Changes] Update outdated links, remove broken links, and fix linkcheck builder’s configuration.

    References: #269

  • [Changes] Added a warning to inform that the SPARQL endpoint is available on demand only.

    References: #273


Released: 31 July 2023
  • [Bugfix] As required by the rules, configuration file .readthedocs.yaml is included in the docs for a correct build.

    References: #289

  • [Changes] The list of Data Providers is now available on

    References: #277

  • [Changes] All the information about the licenses used for Open Data Hub resources are grouped together in the same section, Datasets, Open Data, and Licenses, .

    References: #278

  • [Changes] The material in section Documentation for Developers was mostly outdated or obsolete, and has been replaced with a summary and a link to developer’s Flight Rules, which are constantly updated by the developers themselves.

    References: #279

  • [Changes] All the content of the Quickstart has been moved to the Open Data Hub Portal and is now replaced with a link to the Portal’s Quickstart.

    References: #280

  • [improvements] The python script used to obfuscate e-mail addresses with a proper Sphinx extension.

    References: #281

  • [Improvements] A few changes to make this technical documentation site more similar to the Open Data Hub portal. In particular,

    • The logo is updated
    • There are some new CSS rules
    • The Open Sans fonts are now used throughout the Documentation
    • External links open in a new tab
    • A favicon was added

    References: #288


Released: 30 September 2023
  • [Improvements] Replace the outdated descriptio of the architecture with link to dedicated repository.

    References: #293

  • [Improvements] Update documentation footer with NOI’s copyright.

    References: #295