Changed in version 2022.10: this section has been split, now there is a dedicated Changelog page for each year.

This section contains the Changelog of the Open Data Hub project’s documentation.

  • Previous to June 2020, we maintained no changelog.
  • The list of changes made from June, 2020 to February, 2021 can be downloaded as a text file.
  • Since March 2021 we adopted a more structured approach: This section indeed will contain an entry for each change made to the documentation.


We do not schedule regular releases of the documentation, we rather publish new versions “When they are ready”, therefore each version is identified by a string YYYY.MM, in which YYYY is the year and MM the month of the release.

Latest changes

In the 2023.07 release we started to restructure the Open Data Hub technical documentation, because part of it was already included in the new Open Data Hub portal. Most of the changes in this release are related to this new arrangement of the existing documentation.


Released: 31 July 2023
  • [Bugfix]

    As required by the rules, configuration file .readthedocs.yaml is included in the docs for a correct build.

    References: #289

  • [Changes]

    The list of Data Providers is now available on

    References: #277

  • [Changes]

    All the information about the licenses used for Open Data Hub resources are grouped together in the same section, Datasets, Open Data, and Licenses, .

    References: #278

  • [Changes]

    The material in section Documentation for Developers was mostly outdated or obsolete, and has been replaced with a summary and a link to developer’s Flight Rules, which are constantly updated by the developers themselves.

    References: #279

  • [Changes]

    All the content of the Quickstart has been moved to the Open Data Hub Portal and is now replaced with a link to the Portal’s Quickstart.

    References: #280

  • [improvements]

    The python script used to obfuscate e-mail addresses with a proper Sphinx extension.

    References: #281

  • [Improvements]

    A few changes to make this technical documentation site more similar to the Open Data Hub portal. In particular,

    • The logo is updated

    • There are some new CSS rules

    • The Open Sans fonts are now used throughout the Documentation

    • External links open in a new tab

    • A favicon was added

    References: #288